Consignment Guidelines


Consignment Hours:  Monday thru Friday: 10AM - 5:30PM

Clothing must be in "like-new" condition & current styles that are in demand, purchased new within 2 years.

Clothing must be laundered, pressed, and carried in on hangers to reduce wrinkling. Hangers will be returned. Children's items may be neatly folded. Items in plastic bags will not be accepted. Items with cigarette-smoke or other strong odors will not be accepted.

Clothing is accepted by seasons:

  • January and February - Winter/Spring

  • March thru August - Summer
  • June and July - Back to School/Summer
  • September - Lightweight Fall
  • October - Fall and Winter
  • November and December - Winter and Holiday

Furniture, accessories, equipment and toy items must be in excellent working condition, any items requiring batteries must be brought in with batteries.

New consignors must have a minimum of 8-15 acceptable items to open a new account. During peak hours and season the maximum amount accepted is 25 items per day.

Please, do not take offense if we find it necessary to say no to some of your items... we rely on past and present experience of what sells to make our selections.

The Consignor receives 40% of the selling price after an item has been sold. On certain types of Designer labels, Furniture and Equipment, the Consignor will receive 50% of the selling price. Items are on sale for up to 3 calendar months. The remainder of the 1st month and the 2nd month, items will be on sale at Full Price. If items are still here the 3rd month, they will reduce to Half Price. If the items are not sold by the end of the 3rd month, they will be donated to a charity that benefits our local community.

Checks may be picked up, at the front counter, after the 15th of each month, for items sold the previous month, provided your balance is at least $15.00. We do not routinely mail out checks. Consignors may choose to use their account balance as store credit for purchases as it becomes available.


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